New Favorite Word – Cucurbit

— (kyu-ker-bit) A plant of the gourd family

We’re on the downhill side of pumpkin spice everything season once again. Beyond the expected lattes, creamers, and candles, we have been able to purchase pumpkin spice Top Ramen, Bud Light, Cheerios, salsa, Peeps, and dog treats. And then there’s commercially available pumpkin spice Moonshine, pumpkin spice Kombucha (that suspicious-looking fermented “mushroom” tea), and spray-on pumpkin spice flavoring, so literally everything can taste like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and ginger.

When will this cucurbit-inspired madness end? I like this combination of spices in ginger snaps and pumpkin pie, and if I could tolerate anything but a plain non-fat latte, I would enjoy an occasional PSL this time of year. But come on! Pumpkin spice Oreos?

Take heart fellow curmudgeons, rumor has it that maple pecan is trending and pumpkin spice has jumped the shark. Besides, the stores are already beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and we can aim our displeasure somewhere else.


“It’s back, pumpkin spice oil change” ~the sign in front of Ray’s Maplewood Auto Service

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