New Favorite Word – Larruping

– delicious, excellent, exceedingly (Also spelled larepin, larapin, larrupin)

I am not a cook; not a real cook, anyway. My mother was supremely organized and efficient, and given my lack of interest in helping out around the house, it was much easier for her to take care of everything than to cajole or threaten me into learning to cook or bake. So, I learned the basics using my husband as a guinea pig—certainly a jolt for him since his mother set a fine table. Thankfully, over the years I have improved by culinary skills, but I am not the kind of cook who can converse with her guests while sipping a glass of wine and overseeing what’s roasting in the oven, what’s simmering on the stove, and what’s being prepped for the table. I have a one-track mind: either chat or stir, either sip or baste, either relax or panic. Having everything ready to eat and everyone ready to eat it at the same time is a goal that I strive to achieve, but many times do not.

Among my tolerably good creations are a couple of standouts. I can do pie crust, hence, I can do pies: apple, cherry, and pecan. My pies are good, but let me go one step further: my Excelsior Cheesecake is larruping. It has a cup butter in the crust, two pounds of cream cheese in the filling, and one pint of sour cream in the topping.  It is decadent, creamy goodness with too many calories to count in each bite, but each one is worth it. For obvious reasons, we don’t have this very often; there’s a risk of atherosclerosis just thinking about it. But it’s been too long, and I believe that this will be my contribution to our Easter meal this year.

Note: I was tempted to use this new favorite word to describe my true feelings about molasses, biscuits and sausage gravy, and fried okra, but that would have been too obvious.

“Anything you like real good an’ ain’t got it fer a long time, an’ then you git it, that’s larepin’.” ~ Woodie Guthrie, Bound for Glory

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  1. The first blog post I have read this year with the word “larruping” included! You win! Fun to read about your growing into specific culinary skills. I was the same way growing up so had zero skills when I got married. But God saw fit to give me a husband who truly enjoys cooking–chefing–so I can continue to play around with words, and cook when I have to!

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