New Favorite Word – Technophobe

“Fear or dislike of advanced technology or complex devices and especially computers.” Merriam-Webster

History Of Computer From 1946 To The iPad  Downloadable PPT File Included_01_thumb[7]I’m immersed in the 40s these days because I’ve managed to write the first ten pages about my dad’s time in Japan in 1946. The research has been fantastic, but I’m sure my writing is abominable. In fact, I actually haven’t even read what I’ve written except to determine the page count. It was in this 40s frame of mind that I discovered that the word technophobe first appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1946, the same year that my 18-year-old dad was traveling by troop ship to Japan as a member of the Eighth Army Occupation Forces. At first I was surprised to find that this word was seventy years old, but then I discovered that ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) began operation in 1946. This behemoth built by the Army to determine ballistics trajectories consisted of 40 separate 8-foot-high racks and 18,000 tubes with 500,000 soldered connections. Look at this picture; it was fear-worthy for sure. Though today the ENIAC could probably be out-computed by my Fitbit, the term technophobe still applies – I am intimidated by most things electronic including that Fitbit. That’s why I call upon my family technophiles for help with website woes, software scariness, and hardware horrors.

“Bill Gates is a very rich man today . . . and do you want to know why? The answer is one word: versions.” ~Dave Barry

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