New Favorite Word – Videotape

vhs-cassette-tapeBecause my birthday was last week, I took note when the esteemed Oxford English Dictionary promised to provide, “your own personal OED birthday word.” Who could resist that? But, lo and behold, it spit out not one, but ten personal OED birthday words of my very own. Most are uninteresting: home-sitter, inducibility, fly-by, Magnox (magnesium + alloy), ryotei (Japanese restaurant), and underride. The others have more promise: nig-nog (foolish person), protogalaxy (a vast mass of gas (seriously)), psycho-killer, and videotape. Which one is my favorite? Well, I would be a nig-nog to use psycho-killer in the title of the post. Protogalaxy: definitely not me at all. That leaves videotape, first used by the Wall Street Journal in December, 1953.  It’s an old-school word that would have to be explained to my grandchildren. But you know what they say: vintage is in vogue. (And also because it was my birthday last week, by they, I mean I.)

“Sooner or later, everything old is new again.” – Stephen King

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