New Favorite Word – Murmuration

1. A mumbled or private expression of discontent
2. A flock of starlings

It all began with a comment by my friend Norma about a Facebook video. This similar video of a God-choreographed starling sky dance is mesmerizing. But when reading the accompanying text, my eye halted at that word: murmuration. I had to know it; I had to own that word. Merriam-Webster requires $29.95 to access this lofty word, so to find the definition I looked elsewhere and eureka! To my surprise, however, the two meanings of this noun clash. A flock of starlings once claimed a tree in our backyard and fearing the droppings of one thousand birds, we proceeded to bang pots and pans together to scare them away. Perhaps this caused avian discontent, but they certainly did not mumble about it. Very soon the murmuration’s murmuration seemed mostly maniacal. We were thankful when they spread their two thousand tiny wings and flew away.

Note: Perhaps my next new favorite word should be hyperbole or alliteration or reiteration.

“I like saying things that are both repetitive and repetitive.” – Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE

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