Pride Goeth Before a Typo

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Want to know what really annoys me? Among many other things: finding a who that should have been whom, an embarrassingly misused word, or an empty space where a comma should be in my own writing. Moreover, it’s painful and awkward to have those boo-boos brought to my attention by someone else. After all, I’m a copy editor. I get paid (a little) to point out errors in someone else’s work. “Ooooh, Marlene needs an editor herself. How ironic.” But wait a minute, sometimes the auto mechanic’s car breaks down on the 520 bridge, the baker’s pie crust is heavy like a slab of concrete, and Felix throws meatballs. Everyone fails. My writing gaffs help me remember that only the Lord makes flawless words (Ps. 12:6), and a serving or two of humility is good for me. (Comic, “Pickles” by Brian Crane)

“He that is proud eats up himself: pride is his own glass, his own trumpet, his own chronicle.” ~William Shakespeare  

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