New Favorite Word: Amygdalae

~ Bundle of nerve endings adjoining each temporal lobe. Involved in the emotions of fear and aggression. (Paraphrased and abbreviated)royalty-free-brain-clipart-illustration-1052821

Last week a friend of mine told me her amygdalae were in an uproar; then, of course, she had to explain what amygdalae were. With one exception, every bit of further research I did on this subject exceeded the capacity of both of my temporal lobes. Fortunately, I found a Web entry that suggested crimes of passion (a violent reaction to an emotionally provocative stimulus) were not necessarily the fault of the perpetrator. What do you think? Is, “my amygdalae made me do it” an acceptable defense? Unusual for me: I haven’t formed an opinion on this – yet.  I have to give it some thought.

To my dear friend with the run-amok amygdalae: Hang in there. Prayers for you on the way.  You rock!

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