New Favorite Word: Kaleidoscopic

escherThe rapid changing, kaleidoscopic nature of my thoughts today began with a commitment to return to posting New Favorite Words, continued with a Bing search leading to Merriam Webster’s “favorite words not in the dictionary,” veered to a Google search of words I used in high school, took a sudden turn at Casey Kasem’s top 40 hits of 1971, and crash landed with concert footage of the Osmonds. I know: weird. I confess, I watched it twice. It was mesmerizing – like an Escher pencil drawing but waaaaay shallower. My next New Favorite Word will have something to do with focus and concentration.



2 thoughts on “New Favorite Word: Kaleidoscopic

  1. You at least are brave enough to confess to us your meanderings! Sometimes mid-search I catch myself with the thought, “now how did I get here?”

  2. What a GREAT post reflecting how wonderfully our minds travel to so many topics in short amount of time…..and somehow it all makes sense (or does it?)

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