Arkansas isn’t heaven, but . . .

I just returned from a busy week with my Garton kin in Arkansas. I visited with my precious cousins, ate too much great food, won two out of 7\seven games of Joker, participated in grown-up conversations about property value and gift taxes, and combed through a trunk full of family documents, newspaper stories about trips to the moon, and post-WWII memorabilia. In keeping with the theme of this website and my editor alter ego, I’ve included a rather fuzzy picture of the Wichita Eagle that I found in dad’s trunk. Note the date is July 22, 1069. I wonder if the editorial staff received letters or phone calls from picky people like me who obsess about typos.

photo 3

I’m very excited about a new writing project. My dad was a part of the occupation forces in Japan after WWII, and he kept newspaper clippings, a journal, and a photo album of his experiences. We talked about his time as a guard and jailer at Sugamo prison, and I’m really looking forward to diving into research about that era. I’m honored to have tangible items that represent his valuable memories, but I approach this project with justified trepidation. It deserves ample time and maximum effort to do it justice. Time will tell if I am worthy.

“I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.”   -Steven Wright

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