I would have written less, but I ran out of time.*

Sometimes I envy those prolific writers who appear to produce paragraph after perfect paragraph effortlessly. Not me; I have a bad case of compulsive self-editing syndrome. I seldom write a sentence without backspacing and re-writing in an attempt to make that sentence perfect before I move on to the next one. And, because I profess to be a copy editor, I second- and third-guess every line.

So, the One Word a Day journal seems tailor-made for me. What could be easier? Write one word; bam, I’m done. No editing needed and relief from “the guilt of non-journaling.” Me being me, I have my doubts. First word: skeptical.

*Paraphrase of the oft quoted words attributed to Blaise Pascal, French philosopher and mathematician. One Word a Day journal found at Neatorama.com.

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