Bring it.

You would think I didn’t have enough to do. I have a forty-hours-a-week, sometimes challenging job. I have a family whom I love to spend time with. I occasionally have the pleasure of caring for my two perfect grandchildren. I have a loving husband (always) and a house to keep (sort of). I go to as many Mariners games as I can afford. Yet, I have recently added more to my plate, and I am very excited about the prospects.

In the last month I have had the privilege to begin volunteering as a copy editor for the Christian Writers Coach, an e-book in development by the Northwest Christian Writers Association. This is a terrific organization, and this book will be a wonderful resource for the novice and the experienced Christian writer as well. I really appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this effort. This association of like-minded people has been inspirational for me over the years. Here is the NCWA website:

Last week, I registered as a volunteer proofreader for Distributed Proofreaders, the make-it-happen partner of the Gutenberg Project. With the lofty goal of “preserving history one page at a time,” DP wrangles thousands of folks like me to verify that the optical scan of public domain documents and books are identical to the original. It sounds like a slightly more productive use of my time than surfing Mentalfloss, Neatorama, and Pinterest. (Insert smiley face here.) Here’s the link:

(My kindle friends, if you aren’t familiar with the Gutenberg Project, where have you been? Seriously! For bibliophiles like us, the only thing better than an instantly downloaded classic is a free, instantly downloaded classic. Go here: Get busy!)

I have also signed up as a beta tester for the digital version of the Dictionary of American Regional English published by the Harvard University Press. What a yawner, right? Take a peek at the website. This should be very fascinating, and I am really looking forward to being a small part of this project.

Got anything else? Bring it !

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  1. Marlene
    Thanks for volunteering to help edit The Christian Writer’s Coach. The project is really coming together thanks to all the talented people who have pitched in. This will be a blessing to veterans and rookies alike!

    • It’s a pleasure to have a small part in this wonderful project. Thank you for the role you play in the Northwest Christian Writer’s Association. I learn something unique and valuable at the NCWA meeting every month!

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