My Dog Ate It

Sad to say, but this blog seems to be headed in the same direction as my journal(s) – stalled out. To be fair to myself, I have reasons for not regularly updating this MWords blog. Some of the reasons are valid, some . . . not so much. Here’s the list:

We have a new granddaughter. This truly wonderful event could have been blog-inspiring, but in reality, it defies mere words. It is way beyond my skill set to adequately express the feeling of looking into the eyes of the new little life named after my mother. Indescribable.

Soon thereafter came a family medical emergency to a degree that we’ve never experienced. I won’t include details here, but it was truly traumatic for all of us. In many ways, we experienced God’s grace in the midst of the turmoil, and praise God, this situation has resolved.

We had our very smart and engaging grandson at our house for a few days. What fun! Though I didn’t put together words for a blog update during that time, I did learn a few new words from him. In the logical reasoning of a three-year-old, the name of a person carrying out an action should be directly tied to the action itself. So, the person who collects the garbage is the garbager, and the baseball player who uses his glove to catch the ball thrown by the pitcher is the glover. Also, hopadoo always works as an entry in the let’s-make-up-a-word game, and it is hilarious every single time you say it.

My brother Tim had knee surgery the day before Thanksgiving, but recovered so quickly that he came home from the hospital to our house the next day. So, that holiday was busy with “Did you remember to take your Coumadin?” and “Are you sure you don’t need anything?” and “Here’s a fresh ice pack.” OK, this is a weak excuse for not updating the blog; Tim is very low-maintenance, and it was easy to be his caregiver. Nevertheless . . .

I have also been tired from very busy work weeks, decorating and baking for the holidays, Christmas shopping, and putting it off until tomorrow. And you know about the dog.

Truthfully, writing is a difficult task, and I it takes me quite a while to put these meager paragraphs together. In the back of my mind is the feeling that I should be producing something epic and meaningful with every sentence. I struggle to find just the right word to express myself and spend a lot of time second-guessing what I have already written. I am determined, however, to incorporate a writing tip mentioned in a brief conversation with someone I admire – “dial down the analytic side” and just write.

So, I intend to write, edit, publish, write, edit, publish, write, edit, publish . . . . And when I edit, I will be generous with myself, allowing room for changing my mind or changing my direction. It’s time to tone my writing muscles.

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  1. I like what you write 🙂 I think that your temporary absence from the interweb is due to the fact that you are a wonderful mother, grandmother, wife, and employee.

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