Fat Finger Fiascos

My small contribution to the greater good includes dire warnings of the consequences of typos. “Ah, come on,” you’re thinking. “Obama might win (or lose – your choice) in November, and we’re talking about typos?” Yes, we are.

Sometimes euphemistically called misprints, errors in the written (or in this example inked) word can be hilarious, like the tattoo of the classic drama masks on one man’s arm labeled comedy and tradgey. Funny and tragic. Oh, the irony.

They can be embarrassing, like the 1631 reprint of the King James Bible which stated in Exodus 20:14 “Thou shalt commit adultery.” The publishers were punished with a hefty fine, their printer’s license was revoked, and most copies of the Wicked Bible were burned.

These fat finger errors can also be very costly. A $33.00 Alitalia fare to Cyprus was missing two zeros and had an incorrect placement of the decimal point; it was a great deal for the customer but not so much for the airline. Dramatic swings in the stock market attributed to trader input errors literally caused panic on Wall Street. There are even websites that search for all possible misspellings of key words on Ebay which then direct the savvy buyer to a zero-bid item that has lived in obscurity due to a typo.

Don’t get me started on iPhone autocorrect.

Heed the warning! Read your text out loud before you click send. Proof that tat before it’s too late!

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