“Let’s Do the Time Warp Again”

I visited five time zones, put in over nine hours in a minuscule Southwest Airlines seat, and traveled 4,249 air miles in three days this week. A vacation in paradise and an advanced manuscript editing class with a day-and-a-half of my paying job crow-barred in between has me involuntarily humming a tune from Rocky Horror Picture Show. Yikes! (Disclaimer: Once upon a time, I tried to watch RHPS because I thought I should. It was, after all, “iconic.” I still don’t get it’s appeal. The movie is weird and silly. Nevertheless, when the time warp song came to my jet-lagged mind, I finally looked up the lyrics. Like the movie, the lyrics to this song are weird and silly. Catchy tune, though.)

Dennis, Tim, and I got just what we expected from our Oahu stay: great food, fascinating historical sites, blue skies, and lots of very satisfying time together. Ho hum; perfection again. As always, we are truly thankful for the hospitality of our good friends John and Sue.

I had been scanning my SPU e-mail when we were in Hawaii, so I wasn’t completely overwhelmed when I returned to work on Tuesday.(Disclaimer 2: I do not endorse the practice of working during vacation. Do what I say, not what I do.) I appreciate the energy at SPU these days; a new dean, CAO, and president means that we are all very busy. Among other things, it’s invigorating.

Then comes Chicago. Definitely not on my list of favorite places to visit. (Disclaimer 3: This is an unfair comparison. Is Illinois even in the same universe as Hawaii and Washington?) I’m in Chicago to attend my last class in order to obtain an editing certificate from the Graham School of the University of Chicago, publisher of the Chicago Manual of Style. This accomplishment is a benchmark for me. More about that later.

This Sunday I hope to un-warp/dis-warp/de-warp just in time for a dentist appointment on Monday afternoon. Smirk.

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