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I’ve found my new favorite website— New, that is, to me. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to discover this one. When I “liked” it on Facebook, I found that several of my FB friends had already been there, done that. Where was I when the Ree Drummond craze hit?

Anyway, a visit to the Pioneer Woman’s website and blog is like going to your best friend’s house for supper and staying for a slice of pie and a game of dominos. (Shout out to my dad and Garton kin who are pie and domino lovers.) Channeling Lucille Ball, Vivien Leigh, and Ethel Merman, Ree includes drool-over, real-world recipes, great ideas about household stuff and parenting, and a somewhat weird Q and A about the Real Housewives in her website. I suspect that she is an Amazing Race fan. She calls Target, Tar-Jay. (Be honest. You’ve said that too; you know you have.) And then there are the cows. What’s not to like? Go to You’ll like it.

What caught my eye when I first visited the website was Ree’s “Ten Important Things I’ve Learned about Blogging.” I enjoy her writing style and like the rest of her website, the following tips are somehow original and common knowledge at the same time. I’ll abridge her list here. (I am guilty of inserting my comments in italics.)

1. Be yourself. Write as if you’re talking to your sister. I don’t have a sister, and my daughter doesn’t have a sister, but I have a daughter, a daughter-in-law, and four sisters-in-law so I get the idea. Lesson for me: loosen up, be authentic.

2. Blog often. Not so good on this one. Writing is hard, even casual, less-that-history-altering writing like mine. Lesson two: get some discipline will ya!

3. Be varied. I haven’t written enough for this to mean anything to me, yet.

4. Exercise more. What? She’s telling us to close our laptops and move around a little. What a concept.

5. Allow your boundaries to set themselves naturally. Ree doesn’t blog about hanky panky.

6. Bring back retro phrases like “hanky panky.” Groovy!

7. Don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself. Perfect the phrase, “I meant to do that.” Prepare for the occasional mortification.

8. Try your best to spell words correctly and use proper grammar. Avoid looking silly. Duh!

9. If you have writer’s block, push through and blog anyway. I’ve heard it said that the cure for writer’s block is to lower your standards. Just start pushing those laptop keys; go back and do the fixes later, preferably before it’s published.

10. Value every person who takes time out of their day to stop by your blog. I’m flying so far under the radar that this hardly applies to me, but thanks in advance to my thousands of readers-in-waiting.

Ree Drummond is no Margaret Mitchell, but she is engaging, funny, and her sentiments are genuine. I’m hooked.

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